Good Drone Retailers?

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Hello everyone,

I was recently hired on by a civil engineering firm to develop a new drone program, one that will be primarily be for surveying and mapping at first. It will eventually expand into BIM and other areas. I have a decent amount of experience operating a drone, but this is limited to drones you can buy at a big box store such as a Phantom 4 Pro. We are looking for something a little more beefy.  We are heavily considering the use of LiDAR so we are in need of a Matrice 600 Pro or an equivalent.  We have looked at Trimble, Leica, PrecisionHawk, and a couple of other retailers that are able to provide a sort of all-in-1 solution, but I like to have options.  So without further ado, my question to you all is this:  Who have you bought your drone from?   

Thank you for any advice or direction you can give!

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Hi @IHolman

I have not purchased an enterprise level drone from DJI, but they do have some great resources on their website. I am going to link to the DJI Enterprise website, you can use their 'Where To Buy' search to locate DJI Enterprise dealers in your area.

I hope this helps! 


Chase Flynn | UAV Coach | Community Support 

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