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Here is an open question and invitation.  Have you struggled to find a reliable and safe way to get through a particular process with your drone?  Maybe it's a technical setup.  Maybe it's a business process like qualifying and reserving a customer appointment.  A preflight checklist is a rather obvious example.  Has anyone taken the time & effort to make one of those for themselves already?

I'm a huge fan and believer in checklists.  They have proven to be an effective tool for quality, safety, time savings, consistency, reliability, and risk avoidance.  I've seen them work in other aviation settings (airline cockpits being a famous example).  But other examples and benefits can be found in the book The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande:

I doubt people here will buy the book for themselves, when you would rather be working on or flying your drone.  Can you think of situations where you wish you had a clear and reliable checklist to help you "check the boxes" and make sure you had done everything you were supposed to?  I'm looking for ways to help around here and was thinking that a checklist would probably help in some situations.

Thanks in advance for anyone's replies.  Please don't consider this a promise to deliver. :-) Just the start of a discussion.  Thanks, Brett


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Coming from an flying background I always use a checklist . . and then update it as soon as I find a hole. Saves a lot of heart ache so you don't get too casual and overlook something that can kill you in a real aircraft. UAVs/Drones are a lot less risky but still have the potential for real harm if not loss of $$.

Just as important is "Immediate Actions (IA)"  . . and practicing doing IAs for when things go wrong. Most accidents are avoided when you react quickly and knowingly in a tight spot or an unexpected event. I've watched a bunch of YouTube drone CRASH compilations in the last 2 weeks. Just about everything I've see can be traced to either checklist or bad reactions. I'm just new to UAVs in the past couple of years so I've got lots to learn here. Good to hear someone talk about checklists.


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Amen, checklists are so important. It promotes that idea of a "Standard Operating Procedure." Also recommend reading the E-Myth for folks interested in processes like this.

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