Startup Business In Central Pennsylvania - Spatial Solutions

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Hello All, 

My name is Kyle and I recently just started a drone business called Spatial Solutions out of Central Pennsylvania. I come from a GIS background and I am hoping to offer mapping services using data captured by a drone. I obtained my remote pilot certificate from the FAA with a small unmanned aircraft system rating in January 2018 and am relatively new to using drone mapping software such as drone deploy. I am hoping to offer services in real estate, construction, agriculture, and roofing industries. My hobbies include archery hunting and fly fishing. I am looking forward to learning from other drone operators and what approaches they are using!

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Hi Kyle, 

Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum; we're glad to have you join us!

Surveying & mapping is one of the most in-demand drone services right now. How's business for you so far?

This case study may have some valuable insights for you as you get your business off the ground: How to Build a High Quality Drone Pilot Network for Customized Jobs: An Interview with Jake Carey, Founder of Helo Perspective

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Hi Kyle, 

Congratulations on the new business and welcome to the UAV Coach Community forum! I have linked another thread where the community shares their ideas, work, and questions regarding GIS/Mapping 

Good luck with your business! 


Chase Flynn | UAV Coach | Community Support 

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