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Drone-based roof inspection software, IMGING, auto-detects damage

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Inspectors, field adjusters, and roofing estimators can now examine properties with greater precision and safety thanks to new drone technology. IMGING, a drone-based inspection tool from Loveland Innovations, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate many aspects of the inspection process.

IMGING's deep learning framework, IMGING Detect™, automatically finds roof damage on drone inspection images.

IMGING can now find the following types of damage on commercial or residential roofs:

  • Blistering on flat roofs
  • Evidence of ponding water
  • Cracking and alligatoring
  • Exposed underlayment
  • Rust
  • Soft metal damage

Also, IMGING is the first ever drone platform with on-site roof measurements. Thanks to a unique real-time measurement process built into the IMGING app, field adjusters and roofing estimators can now view and share dynamic measurements on an Apple iOS tablet while they’re still on site with customers.

Learn more about this tool for inspectors in our post: This Inspection Software for Drones Automatically Detects Roof Damage, First Drone Platform with On-Site Roof Measurements

If you have experience with this software or another inspection software, let others know your take on it and your experience with it in the comments below. 

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