Drone Use on Construction Sites for Mapping, Modeling, and BIM

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In today's article, we talk about how Layton Construction uses drones on construction sites for mapping, modeling, and BIM.

Our CEO, Alan Perlman, recently met up with their drone team on a job site to see how they’re using drones in the construction field.

The team, comprised of multiple Part 107-certified drone pilots and Drone Pilot Ground School alumni, is currently working to complete one of three residential colleges, as well as infrastructure and beautification of the West End Central Neighborhood on the north side of Vanderbilt University’s campus in Nashville, TN.

Read the complete article to find out how the Layton Drone Team got its start and what role drones play in their operations. 

How Layton Construction Uses Drones on Construction Sites for Mapping, Modeling, and BIM

Return here to share your thoughts in the comment section about Layton Construction’s project and the growing use of drones in construction.

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I work for the National Association of Home Builders' (NAHB) and many of our 140,000+ members are using drone and drone services in promoting their new home developments.  The NAHB has a annual trade show called the International Builders' Show which will be held in Las Vegas January 21 - 23, 2020.  The IBS is a significantly large event with close of 1500 exhibiting manufacturers and approximately 100,000 industry professionals in attendance.  Since there is a demand for drones in the construction industry, there is certainly a need for drones services.  We are looking for companies wanting to get in front of residential and light commercial builders and exhibit at the IBS.   I believe drone services is a great opportunity for drone companies to help builders with their marketing needs.  If there are any companies out there that provide drone services and would like to get inform of the entire residential construction industry then please visit our website at: www.Buildersshow.com



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