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Sputnik GIS 1.4. has been released!

Sputnik GIS is a professional drone surveying software for engineers, surveyors and urban planners. Visualize and analyze multidimensional spatial data with no limits on data size, create surveys and get insights from your drone data in height performance GIS solution. One of the core features of Sputnik GIS is full compatibility with Agisoft Metashape native formats *.tls and *.oc3.

New version of Sputnik GIS presents new tools, optimized performance, usability, and new integration capabilities.

Optimization and integration capabilities:

Sputnik GIS 1.4 has new paradigm of working with geodata inside project, in new version user may set up coordinate reference system for whole project using EPSG base or import proper *.prj file. All geo-data inside project will be transformed into project coordinate reference system on the fly. Sputnik now supports LIDAR point clouds, with this feature LIDAR point clouds may be used in combination with orthomosaic and 3D models reconstructed from aerial survey.  New user interface makes easier to work with basic tools and geometries during vectorization process.

Surveying and mapping:

For surveying purposes, we have implemented new tool for working with surfaces – «Relief editor». With this tool user may delete features from surface, to create DTM from DEM for example, or model new features with 3D geometries, in addition, «Kriging-interpolation» tool is optimized. For operative and field mapping purposes «Image projection» tool is implemented, with this tool user may create mosaic with raw spatial reference from aerial survey photos.

Urban planning:

For the analysis of the urban environment, the tools daylight modeling, visibility area and observation point are implemented. With the help of daylight modeling tool specialist may estimate the insolation conditions of territory in a given date and time.  Visibility area tool along with observation point tool allows to model viewpoints and blind spots. Sputnik GIS helps to present city development projects in an intuitive environment (three-dimensional model of the city), which facilitate the process of discussion and decision-making. For creating presentation, materials of the design solutions implemented a set of special tools: Video tour and animated track. With presentation tools, three-dimensional model of the city easily turns into an animated scene with the ability to record video.

Try Sputnik GIS right now: https://www.geoscan.aero/en/software/sputnik/gis



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