Business Questions  

  1. 1. Where do you feel you need the most help?

    • Marketing support
    • Sales Support
    • A unique product offering
    • Business training
  2. 2. What do you do to stand out in your market?

    • Special Effects are added into video
    • Lowest pricing
    • Bundle in additional marketing services that appeal to realtors
    • Most expensive drone in the air
  3. 3. How are you getting more clients?

    • WOM - Word of Mouth
    • I do regular presentations at offices
    • Referrals only
    • SEO / Advertising

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Good afternoon Alan Perlman & Company! Spring is officially here and with it comes blue skies, green grass and hopefully a lot of drone orders!! For RTV, this Spring also means some very significant system updates that we are super stoked to deliver and share back here in the group.

Most notably is our new 1080 Adaptive Streaming.  This update means some great things for UAV pilots as well as folks that do full-on walkthrough videos.  Those interested in our full feature update and release video can review the entire update here in this Update Video 

Be sure to check out examples of our new adaptive streaming in action here -  and and  These are live examples.   Some start out immediately with streaming video while others load up with still photos first.  With Fusion, you're the director and the story of each home is told by you. You put all of your media from your photo shoot into one interactive player and deliver a branded and non-branded link to your customer.  

In addition to the significant bump in playback quality, we've also packed a nice "Marketing Punch" in our system by overhauling our weekly Seller's Reports -  just in time for the busy season! Customers now share a fancy weekly report via email with the realtor. This reminds them who their photographer and drone person is weekly with an impressive layout and killer stats.  The Realtor then passes this on over to the seller and it acts as a nice weekly communication tool. 

There were several other updates that just went live.  For the full list, you can watch that video link above or you can read about them here in our blog -  The new 360 video support will surely turn some heads and we're excited to see what photographers and drone pilots do with that feature too!

Finally and most importantly we've attached a photo for you to check out on this thread.  See attached and say hello to a nifty device that we've been jokingly calling the Skywalker 4K.  This device was made out of $30 bucks in parts so a drone pilot could walk a drone safely and professionally through a home. We will be making a "How To" video on this in a few days and posting the materials list and construction video back here so everyone that has an interest can also make their own.  We just added an Interior Drone "Fly-Through" to our product offering over at and having something that looked both professional and functional was key for us.  Since we have four drone pilots on our team spending several thousand dollars to gear each guy up was out of the question.  So far the SkyWalker has been working out quite nicely! Here's a video that was created using the SkyWalker and a little "Drone Yoga" moves intertwined - 


Thanks for watching and we'll keep you posted as we complete this video and also as RTV rolls out more product enhancements and updates.  Keep an eye out for our sexy single property website layout coming later this year along with our Aerial Drone Operator and Photographers Scheduling system all built into our hosting platform.  Very exciting stuff to help our folks stand out and stay ahead!






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