Nebraska researchers test drones for fire fighting

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I think this article belongs here more than Agriculture.  Interesting news. They are testing drones to drop balls filled with chemicals to fight fires.  Doesn't seem very efficient to me, but you've got to start and learn with something I suppose.  They'll need fixed wing aircraft with large payload capacity to make this effective.


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Or a fleet of well coordinated autonomous drones... Could be a way to help prevent wildfire spreads by being able to have  a fast response team to do pre-burns, or place fire retardants prior to a fires front reaching certain points. Imagine being able to place a few thousand small devices on a moments notice that are heat sensitive and when triggered they rapidly eject a flame suppressant, [i'm picturing a fire fighting claymore, or bouncing betty] it may not be able to sunder the whole fire but could help to quickly cut off escape paths for forest fires and the like. Combine this with some aerial surveillance drones that can use machine imaging and FLIR to identify patterns in the fires and be able to communicate with the other drones on how and where it would be best to deploy said devices.

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