senseFly Gets First Ever Approval for BVLOS Operations in Brazil

Zacc Dukowitz

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Brazil’s National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) just issued its first-ever approval for BVLOS drone flights for several drones created by Parrot-owned senseFly, including the eBee Classic and the eBee RTK. 

Drones intended for BVLOS operations in Brazil must have their design approved by ANAC. Once a drone is approved, any licensed Brazilian drone operators can fly that drone BVLOS up to 400 feet in the air if he or she meets a list of criteria, including holding insurance and possessing a risk assessment document approved by ANAC.

senseFly is no stranger to working through government processes to obtain BVLOS approvals—they hold BVLOS approvals in China, Spain, Denmark, and France, and recently participated in BVLOS testing through Project Honeycomb in Canada, which led to a Guinness World Record related to flying BVLOS.

How do you think the new BVLOS approval will impact drone adoption in Brazil? What industries do you think will use it first, and most? Chime in with your thoughts here on this thread.

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