Drone flight joystick. A new way to fly

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I've logged 400 hours on microsoft flight simulator, flying airliners, helicopter, and smaller planes. I got really good at it and loved using the flight joystick.( When it came out it was the most realistic simulator on the market. ) 5 years later I got into the drones. ( wrecked a few toy ones getting used to the dual joysticks) The other day I was flying my drone for a real estate video and was wishing I was using a joystick and how much easier it would be. all of 10 minutes ago I looked it up to see if anything like that existed. They have them for small rc helicopters, but those are just toy ones. I know the Intel Falcon 8 has something kinda what I was looking for but not quite. Then I found this through a google search. Might go get DJI just to try this new remote. What do you think ?


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16 hours ago, Luke said:

What do you think ?

While I haven't tried it, my initial reaction is that a joystick control seems like a great option if it is in a fixed environment, e.g. like when you are sitting in an aircraft or at a workstation with a sim.  Walking around with it in an unfixed configuration with it attached to the remote does not seem ideal to me. 

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Flying RC has been pretty standard to use a radio transmitter (Tx as it is called, DJI really screwed it up when they started calling an RC Tx a "remote controller") Actually DJI got a bunch of things wrong with there designs and lingo. IMHO. If you ever consider flying RC in the future (fixed wing, quads, heli's) I think learning and using the standard equipment that you'll find at every RC field (prob. in the world) would be in the "best practices" area.  I also think that stick resolution and accuracy would not be anywhere near using a normal Tx. 

I too practice full scale on the sim and dont use a yoke, which I prob. should, but instead have used a stick with rudder pedals. But it seems interchangeable with flying full scale with a yoke and rudders.

That flight stick is a pretty interesting idea though!!!


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