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It's often challenging to find a legal, safe, and visually interesting location to fly your drone, especially in a densely populated area with one or more airports.

After a round of comprehensive research, our team compiled a list of where to fly a drone in Phoenix . We also have this list of drone laws in Arizona that might be helpful.

Where do you like to fly your drone in Phoenix? We welcome your comments/experiences below.

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Please recheck the facts on the article. From my research only one of the places you list can you legally fly.

Drones are only permitted in specific Phoenix parks. Echo Canyon and North Mountain are NOT on the list.

In addition, drones are not permitted at Lake Pleasant or White Tank  Regional Parks ( Or any Maricopa Country Park (



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Hi @Patrick Igh

Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! Thank you for making us aware of these regulations, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the state/city regulations. We will be working on getting this 'Where to Fly' page updated. Really appreciate you taking the time to provide the links. 


 - Chase 

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The list of flying sites in the Phoenix region remains incorrect  (noted May 2019).

Areas like North Mountain are signed NO DRONE ZONE.  The flying there, which is recommended by UAVCOACH, is illegal.   

May clubs have great flying areas in this region.  Joining a club is a fun way to learn how to fly well and safely.

Take care,

C Way

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I fly my drone at Mountain View Park and there is one field there specifically for rc planes and drones but WHY do dog people always have to ruin everything???  They cut across the field with their loose dogs and let them shit all over the grass. Meanwhile there are 2 other fields at this park AND so many "dog" parks where they can go.

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