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You may think of the bankrupt Zano and the Lily in the drones marketing , this three drones are similar , they are all the drones mainly coming withthe Self-Timer function, including the following shot function .

Then Hover Camera will follow in their footsteps?

How do you think about the Hover Camera ?


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10 hours ago, RemotelyPossible said:


looks interesting as a consumer entry level flying camera, however this post may need to be moved to a more appropriate thread as this is for submissions of photos and videos.



Hello RemotelyPossible

I had compared all the threads before posting this disscusion , I could not sure which thread would be more appropriate , so I put it to this thread . Do you have any ideal ?

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Hey @tony drone...yeah, I saw this in my news feed the other day. Looks cool, but at the end of the day, it's just another toy hitting the market. It might sell well, but I don't think this is the kind of device that people NEED or that will be super widespread. I'm sure it'll be fun to fly, though :)

And to @RemotelyPossible's point...I guess you're right. Maybe this should have been posted in the Pilot Lounge? Still trying to figure out this whole forum thing :)

Appreciate you sharing this with everyone! I still don't know how Lily managed to raise $30 million dollars...

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I’ve used Hover Camera and it’s pretty decent product for a drone beginner like myself. The photo and video quality is good, and it’s really easy to control in the air. Currently the company is offering a discount for CES. If you enter the promo code “HOVERVIP@CES” on their website when checking out you can get $50 off. Link is

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Just want to update something. the company behind Lily drones actually stop their production and consumer who preorder it can get thier money back. I read from news last week. A bit sad because i do love the design of the lily with the smile eyes.

Talking about this hover drone/camera, first thing first i admire its simplicistic design and the best function is "follow me" function

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