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Where to Fly a Drone in Tampa

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It's often challenging to find a legal, safe, and visually interesting location to fly your drone, especially in a densely populated area with one or more airports.

After a round of comprehensive research, our team compiled a list of where to fly a drone in Tampa. We also have this list of drone laws in Florida that might be helpful.

Where do you like to fly your drone in Tampa? We welcome your comments/experiences below.

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I went to Curtis Hixon park on Sunday and was promptly kicked out by two bike cops who openly stated I was not bothering anyone and also not allowed to fly a drone there. they stated i need a permit and or in the case of an event they may allow it but it is not allowed for recreational use. 


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Hi @jdatooth

Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! I am sorry to hear about your experience at Curtis Hixon Park. Extensive research goes into every location that we choose for our 'Where to Fly' pages and we were unable to locate any regulations against drones at this particular location. 

Unfortunately, I have heard stories from people about going to a park and were told by a security guard that drones were banned. Only to find out later from the parks administration office that drones are allowed. Sometimes people are misinformed or do not like drones and have their own agenda. 

Next time this happens anywhere you fly, I recommend that you ask them for a written copy of the regulations just to validate that the regulations are actually in place. 

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, safe flying out there!

 - Chase 

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