Where to Fly a Drone in Denver

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Some bureaucrat in an office tells you can’t fly a drone!?   And you believe them?  

is the airspace restricted?  Class B or C?  The only government agency that can regulate airspace is the FAA period.  If the pinhead in the “main” office wants to restrict drones they have to go through the FAAs Public NPRM process.  If they did, the change in airspace would show up in sectionals, KnowB4You fly, AirMap etc. 

Don’t you find it odd that the only people who seem to think you can’t fly in parks are state “officials?”  If the restrictions were legal they would be posted everywhere and not in some vague sign. 

Its’s against the law for officials to promulgate rules that are arbitrary and capricious.   The FAA doesn’t have the authority to tell people where they can water ski.  No State employee has the authority to tell you where you can fly a drone.  

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Hi @Gary Murphy.,

Thanks for letting is know, we will look into this and make any changes if needed. Unfortunately, a park official can technically prevent you from taking off or landing on their property. But they do not regulate the airspace above the park. This continues to be an ongoing issue and like @Av8Chucksaid, the FAA is the only agency who can regulate airspace, but that does not mean others will not try to! 

 - Chase 

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So...are we currently at the point that we need to have protest flights over state parks to incur citations that can be challenged in court? Should the UAV community organize these activities to generate legal defense funds? Should this community petition the FAA to issue guidance to state and local governments reinforcing their jurisdiction over airspace? Is this going to become a 'states rights' issue? Where does the madness stop? Why can't we have nice things? I literally just want to fly around pretty areas and the fact that I need to have a nuanced opinion about the root causes of the civil war before I can feel good about pulling my drone out makes me want to sit on the floor of my shower and cry.

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@Adam Munson welcome to the forum. Great first post. 

12 minutes ago, Adam Munson said:

UAV community organize these activities to generate legal defense funds? 

I’ve suggested these sorts of political action committees and a trade organization but it mostly falls on deaf ears.  I guess people are busy and maybe they feel powerless to take on prerogatives of the FAA.  As tax payers all we need are numbers. With 635K members AOPA was able to influence all manner of legislation.  Unfortunately I doubt we can muster more than 10..

people just aren’t interested in helping themselves. They don’t think it’s necessary until it’s too late.

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29 minutes ago, Av8Chuck said:

Unfortunately I doubt we can muster more than 10

Well, in my experience it only takes two to form a committee. If you are interested, and in the Denver area, we could get together and brainstorm some ideas about how to generate interest in this issue within the UAV community. Obviously, anyone else interested would be welcome and I could even have my lawyer/pilot friend advise.

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We'll have to do it remotely, I’m in California. 

Forming a committee is easy, it’s the voting block that you need to represent.  For a PAC or Trade Association to be effective they’d need about 1M members. 

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