Where to Fly a Drone in Pittsburgh

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It's often challenging to find a legal, safe, and visually interesting location to fly your drone, especially in a densely populated area with one or more airports.

After a round of comprehensive research, our team compiled a list of where to fly a drone in Pittsburgh. We also have this list of drone laws in Pennsylvania that might be helpful.

Where do you like to fly your drone in Pittsburgh? We welcome your comments/experiences below.

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Your list of 5 places for Pittsburgh is out of date. All 5 areas on the list have banned drones. You cannot fly in any city park in Pittsburgh, nor any county park in Allegheny County, including AMA flying sites in the parks. The flying sites are open to model aircraft but drones are banned. 

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Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! When we create a 'Where to Fly' page we conduct an extensive amount of research regarding the state, local, and federal regulations and we were unable to find any regulations banning drones from city and county parks for this particular page. 

It is important to note that if there are any local laws regarding the use of unmanned aircraft, they are preempted by both Pennsylvania state law and federal law. 

Here is the official legislation on the power of a city, county, township, etc. in regards to unmanned aircraft operations in Pennsylvania: 

§ 305.  Local regulation of unmanned aircraft prohibited.

(a)  Preemption.--The provisions of 18 Pa.C.S. § 3505 (relating to unlawful use of unmanned aircraft) shall preempt and supersede any ordinance, resolution, rule or other enactment of a municipality regulating the ownership or operation of unmanned aircraft. As of the effective date of this section, a municipality shall not regulate the ownership or operation of unmanned aircraft unless expressly authorized by statute.

(b)  Municipal use.--Nothing under 18 Pa.C.S. § 3505 shall prohibit a municipality from using unmanned aircraft within the boundaries of the municipality for municipal purposes and regulating that use.

(c)  Definition.--As used in this section, the term "municipality" shall include a county, city, borough, incorporated town or township or home rule, optional plan or optional charter municipality, any other general purpose unit of government established by the General Assembly, a municipal authority and any entity formed pursuant to Ch. 23 Subch. A (relating to intergovernmental cooperation).

(Oct. 12, 2018, P.L.516, No.78, eff. 90 days)

2018 Amendment.  Act 78 added section 305.

I hope this helps clarify any confusion about operating a drone in Pittsburgh and please feel free to ask any questions!


 - Chase 

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Hey, I just got a Mavic Air and have been looking for places to fly in Pittsburgh. This link (https://pittsburghpa.gov/citiparks/our-parks/park-rules.html) says drones are banned in all city parks. So does your list still apply? It is kind of frustrating to find a place to fly my drone without breaking any rules!

"No model airplanes or drones are allowed in parks (Ordinance 473.04f)"

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