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So, I’m pretty sure I’m conducting flights appropriately but need some peace of mind. Many of our airports here in Maine are shown on the sectional charts as Class E Airspace with a 700’AGL floor(Class G sfc). As a 107 certified pilot I’m clear to go fly within those airspace’s without notifying anyone correct?

The reason I ask is because I saw last week one of the airports had posted on their Facebook page to remind drone users they had to notify the airport within 24hrs of any flight with 5nm of the airport.  I have a feeling they are really speaking to hobbyists and modelers, but just wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing something wrong as a certified pilot. 

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Class E has many flavors.  Have a read of my reply here:  


Post a specific airport for what is required.  Generalization has it's limits.

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1 hour ago, rbeisaw said:

Particularly I’m referring to Brunswick here (BXM). Not sure if that helps...

Sure.  BXM is not Class E (2) "airspace areas designated as a surface area for an airport."

Class E (2) is depicted on sectional charts with a dashed magenta line. (see images for example.)

So, the airport's facebook post is aimed at non-part 107 certificated operators.  You have no requirement under Part 107 to notify the airport when you are operating.

Hope this is making sense and is helpful !



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