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9 hours ago, shibu said:

I am planning to make a drone for aerial photography. I am facing difficulties deciding cameras and gimbals for the drone. i have no idea as to how a gimbal can be connected wirelessly. Please help me. 

UAV camera gimbals usually have some sort of interface for controlling pitch and pan via the same radio that is used for controlling the UAV. For example the camera gimbal that I used on mine awhile ago was the Tarot T4-3D which has both PWM and S.BUS interfaces and so connects to the same receiver that is used to interface to the flight controller. I just assigned a couple of slider controls on my transmitter to control pitch and pan. If I was planning to build a more professional UAV then I would consider Gremsy . Also in some high end UAVs you might want to have a 2 operator configuration, one flying the UAV and one operating the gimbal and camera in which case you would install 2 receivers. 

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