DJI Phantom 4 Advanced or wait for Mavic Pro 2?

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Hello everyone,

I've been flying drones for years. My workhorse, a DJI Phantom 3 Standard, is starting to show its age with poor range, frequent signal dropouts, and a gimbal that's not the most stable. I've been looking into the DJI Phantom 4 Advanced because of its 1-inch sensor (all-around obstacle avoidance of the P4P isn't a big deal for me because I consider myself a good enough pilot mobdro lucky patcher kodi who can do without it) and Lightbridge. I previously owned a DJI Mavic Pro and I absolutely LOVED its portability and its inclusion of OcuSync. That being said, should I go and buy a P4A now that it's around $1000? Or should I wait for the MP2? The 1-inch sensor on the P4A is a big deal for me since I'm deeply invested in aerial photography and videography, but the range and portability of the Mavic Pro won a spot in my heart and is also a selling point for me. What should I buy?

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The P4A suffers from lack of range compared to the P4P or M2. The IQ produced by the P4P is slightly superior to the M2P and the M2P lacks UHD @ 60 fps. The M2 wins in portability and drawing less attention.

Those are the main points. I own the P4P and M2P/zoom and like both.

Note: Some people have had range and yaw issues with the P4P V2. The V1 is solid.

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While researching some things i stumbled on the dji site's p4p product. Looks like they are not longer making the p4p. 

not sure if this is important to you, but i thought id mention it..


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