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I'm a pre-newbie to UAVs. Although a certificated aviator (commercial land, sea, glider, CFI), I know next to nothing about flying UAVs beyond reading the literature and an infomercial class at a Seattle UAV rental shop. So I'm hoping to gain a lot in this forum and later share what I can. I'm a retired techbiz entrepreneur who at 77 is fortunate to still be active (run five miles/day, bike over 3,000 miles/year) but realize that my days in the left seat of a cockpit are numbered and look forward to extending the never-ending wonder of flight in a virtual cockpit. At the UAV shop class I did succumb to sales pitch and bought a DJI Spark (still in the box) and joined a new Seattle drone Meetup group, first meeting scheduled for May 17 at an RC field.  

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Hi @Jaythree ,

Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! It looks like you have plenty of experience in the aviation industry. The good thing is many of the drones on the market today are pretty easy to fly. The best advice I can give you is to fly as often as possible. The more you fly the drone, the more comfortable flying it will get. The Spark is a great drone to learn how to fly with because it's small but packed with a lot of features. Always feel free to ask any questions! 


- Chase

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