Drone Service Providers Help Meet Growing Demand for Commercial Drone Pilots—PrecisionHawk’s Open Drone Jobs, and More

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There's a lot of work for commercial drone pilots out there right now, but pilots are having trouble finding it.

Why? Because bigger companies are often reluctant to engage directly with independent business owners (i.e., "dronepreneurs") and would prefer to go through larger entities when they hire contractors—which is why drone service providers are on the rise.

Read the article we published earlier this week on how drone service providers are helping to meet the growing demand for drone pilots, and how commercially certified drone pilots can get in on the action. The piece also has some specifics toward the bottom about PrecisionHawk's ongoing hiring efforts for commercial drone pilots—you can jump straight to that section here.

What do you think? Are there more pros than cons to working for a drone service provider? Share your thoughts and opinions here in this thread.

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As a small fairly new drone service provider, I have already experienced the "I've got a friend who will do it for____", undercutting the pricing scheme I've come up with. Could it be that the larger drone service providers may actually help maintain appropriate compensation for drone pilots? Currently, it seems like a free-for-all with independent drone pilots looking for work.

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