throttle failsafe

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Today I tested the throttle failsafe .
I put the FS pwm to 970
and the range of Throttle is from 1000-2000 
mid Throttle is 1500 

When I turn off the transmitter in mission planer shows failsafe and disarmed and land which seems to be fine.

But my problem is when the transmitter is off the bottom end value of throttle should trigger below 970 (I SUPPOSE) around 955 which was previously bounded to receiver ,But it does not trigger to a value below 970 and rather stays at 1000 .

any one knows what could be the problem? 
I SEt everything based on the rule in here :
which says :

Turn the transmitter off and the throttle PWM value should drop to be at least 10 below the FS PWM field value (as in the second illustration below) below.

but the value of mine is not droping rather staying where it is but triggers failesafe.


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4 hours ago, erfan said:

Today I tested the throttle failsafe .

Before going into too many details as to the behavior of "low throttle" method is there a reason why you can't use the "no signal" method ?. I use the "no signal" method on my FrSky Taranis as that seems to be the preferred method but it does depend on the make of receiver.

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not really I am also using the no signal method. But I was curious why the other method is not working for me.

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