Amazon Prime Air Unveils New Delivery Drone, Plans to Start Deliveries Soon

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Yesterday Amazon Prime Air unveiled its new delivery drone at the re:MARS conference in Las Vegas, NV, an event put on by Amazon focusing on AI and related technology (MARS stands for Machine Learning, Automation, Robotics, and Space).

The new drone is fully electric, can fly up to 15 miles, and can deliver a package weighing less than five pounds, which is the weight of 75—90% of most purchased items, according to Amazon.

Prime Air says that they will begin deliveries “in the coming months” but they’re vague on the details—exactly where and when have yet to be announced.

What do you think—will we see Prime Air drones making regular deliveries soon? Chime in here to share your thoughts.

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I think it is possible to see the beginnings of service in the next year if the regs are changed to allow it. I still have a lot of reservations as to the practicality of the flights. I think this, in the near future, is going to be more of a marketing event rather than a practical application due to technical limitations of UAVs

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