Trimble UX5 Fixed Wing Aerial Mapping Drone


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I am from a Trimble distributor in New Zealand and we have an ex-demo UX5 that needs a home. It has only been flown a handful of times for some demos a couple of years back. It includes all the accessories including flight controller tablet and catapult system. If you are interested, or want to know more please get in touch with a PM or damian.macrae @

- Trimble UX5 UAV
- Trimbe Yuma Tablet with Access flight control software
- Catapult Launch System
- Sony Nex-5R 16 megapixel camera
- Radio Tracker
- USB Radio module
- 2x camera batteries, 3x 6000mah LiPo UAV batteries
- LiPo Charger, Camera battery charger, Yuma tablet charger
- Transport cases
- LiPo charge balancer 
- Pair of spare winglets
(Spare prop's and new batteries can be obtained from any large Hobby supply store)
Google "Trimble UX5" for full product description and datasheets
You can also find the ebay listing here:




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Hi Av8Chuck,

I understand that the original cost was in the order of 40-50k NZD depending on configuration. There are not a huge amount of fixed-wing UAVs in NZ. UAVs are used a lot in an engineering and surveying context, but primarily with multi-rotors.


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