Director of Photography in St. Petersburg, FL

Bill Mills

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I am a Director of Photography in the film and digital business.  Started flying drones in January 2017 on a mission to the Pacific Ocean with a team searching for the remains of Amelia Earhart's aircraft.  I recently renewed my FAA Certificate after two years and have been flying primarily a Phantom 4 Pro Plus. 

Most of my work is for documentary or commercial production for a variety of clients including National Geographic, CBS 60 Minutes, NBC, and A&E.

I have a background in Emergency Management and am very interested in utilizing my drone work with disaster preparedness, response, and recovery efforts.  Other interests include SCUBA and sailing.   St. Petersburg, FL.

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Hi @Bill Mills,

Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! It sounds like you have worked on some really cool projects. Did you run into any challenges with the Amelia Earhart mission? I think we would all be interested in hearing more about that mission. I also fly a Phantom 4 Pro Plus, it really is a great drone.  

Feel free to share any of your work over in our Filmmaking/Cinematography thread:

If you are looking for more information on emergency management applications, we have a Public Safety/ Emergency Services thread:

I hope this helps!

 - Chase 

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Hi Chase,  Thanks for the response.  Yep, the AE mission was my first time seriously flying the Phantom and was quite impressed with the capabilities.  Aside from some electrical interference from the ships electronics, the biggest challenge was launching and recovery from the back of a ship with multiple wires, antennae, and metal containers.  We worked out a system of hand launching and hand recovery that worked best.

On one of the last flights, I flew the aircraft about 2.5 miles from the ship and still had a good signal.  I'll share the video on the cinematography forum in the future.

Look forward to reading the EM thread.



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