DJI STORM: The Coolest Drone You’ve Never Heard Of

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Heard of the DJI STORM?

It's a new, giant big rig drone made just for high-end aerial cinematography, but DJI didn't announce it's release anywhere.

The only reason we know it exists is because of a YouTube video DJI shared recently—read today's article to learn more about the STORM, and to hear some thoughts on why they're being so secretive about its release.

Have you heard about the STORM? We'd love to hear your thoughts—chime in on this thread to share what you know.

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3 hours ago, seattleuas said:

Anyone else wonder what else they are carrying in that large box truck? It can't be just a single Storm setup and a spare..  

It’s a rather nice grip truck.  I doubt that if DJI studios was asked to do the whole production they would turn it down.   DJI customers who shoot commercial projects should be really concerned about this.  DJI is going into competition with their own customers.  

Most DJI users won’t care because very few of them make money at that level, but DJI won’t stop there.  


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