Jay Abola

Hello from Manila

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Hi, I’m Jay from the Philippines. Zero experience on flying drones but I went ahead and got a Mavic Air last weekend to get me started. 

Looking forward to learn some best practices on piloting and aerial photography. Maybe you guys can point me to a some threads or links so i can start reading up?


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Hi @Jay Abola,

Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! Everyone starts with zero experience, with continued practice you will get there. Learning to fly a drone and also learning to edit pictures/videos is the best part of becoming a drone pilot. The Mavic Air is a great starter drone,  please let us know what you like about the drone as you learn to fly it. 

To get some photography inspiration check out our Aerial Photography thread: https://community.uavcoach.com/forum/28-aerial-photography/

We also have a photography guide that you can feel free to check out: https://uavcoach.com/drone-photography/

I hope these help!

 - Chase 

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