How Long Before Drone Package and Food Delivery?

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We all ocassionally see these news stories about Drone Delivery to people's homes.  It all started how many years ago with Amazon?  Then I saw one about Dominos deliverying pizza in India.  Now this one:

I have some strong opinions on this.  I'm curious when people think we will start seeing Drone Package or Fast Food Delivery begin actually happening with delivery to real homes in a city in the United States?


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Dominos have delivered pizza in london using drones. It was only a trial and I guess it makes sense because the roads are so busy in rush hour. I don't think it would work for areas that aren't busy.

The problem is that its not feasible for quieter areas, the equipment is too expensive and the insurance is therefore pretty high. In my opinion, its not very feasible for deliveries unless the user is willing to pay extra for the delivery. 

However, I've seen a youtube video where student engineers built a search and rescue drone : 

I think this type of drone makes more sense commercially rather than delivering food or packages to homes when a road vehicle could just as easily deliver. 

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Just because some people try to deliver something g via a drone as a science project doesn’t mean that even if it’s possible, it’s practical, safe or profitable.

How much candy/snacks can a drone deliver?  People have been doing this sort of delivery services on University campuses for more than a century - on bikes!  Drone delivery like this is a solution in search of a problem.  

Mid these students get in trouble, so should Yale for being stupid enough to allow it.

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On 3/6/2020 at 4:06 PM, Av8Chuck said:

That are small helicopters.  Those are mosquitos, manned helicopters converted to autonomous flight.  

Ah I didn't think about it like that, but you are right. I guess they did make small helicopters autonomous. I see that Nasa are trying to push for helicopter taxis. I wonder how much a taxi ride in an autonomous helicopter would cost? 💸💸


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