Lume Cube’s New Strobe Might Be the Most User Friendly Anti-Collision Drone Light on the Market

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According to Lume Cube, their new Strobe is the first consumer friendly anti-collision drone light that’s compatible with every drone on the market.

Check out today's article to learn more about all the features the Strobe offers, as well as some information on how FAA requirements around night flying might change in the not-too-distance future.

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It looks good but I have concerns with interference with GPS, particularly the DJI Phantom series, as the mounting location is directly over the GPS antenna. On Lume Cube's site, this question was asked and the answer was "we have not yet had STROBE obstruct any instruments in any way". Not really a definitive answer. On another site, a DJI rep gave the official answer that they "strongly recommend against" mounting anything on top of the drone that might obstruct GPS reception.  Anybody have real-world experience with similarly mounted anti-collision lights?

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My waiver to daylight operations was approved using Firehouse technology lighting.  They are extremely lightweight, but a little hard to turn on and off, but once you get the hang of it, they are not a problem.  I have not experienced any GPS interference with these lights.

The Lume Cube looks like they adapted a bicycle light, and those red and green filters look weak.

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