HoverGames Challenge 1: Fight Fire with Flyers

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Whether man-made or natural, fires are difficult to predict and control. Fires cause billions in damage, destroy entire towns and forests and put countless lives in danger, including first responders at the front line. 

Hackster.io is currently hosting a UAV contest with NXP called HoverGames challenging innovators to develop new ways drones can assist firefighters. 

Utilizing NXP's HoverGames drone development kit how will you innovate solutions to coordinating firefighting teams, delivering supplies, extending communication lines, scanning buildings for hot spots, or preventing fires in the first place? 

Log on to Hackster.io to submit your innovation for the chance to win thousands of dollars in prizes. 

If you are up to the challenge, click here to register! 



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I see that the 2020 Hovergames challenge is open until the end of July. I think that this type of challenges are great especially for educational institutions. 


Also, I really liked NXP's recent collaboration with FliteTest in which they together designed a tail sitter drone. I've built drones using open source software as well as several FliteTest's DIY planes and this looks like a great combination so look forward to the plans being available. 

Also I just followed the NXP presentation at this weeks PX4 summit and will post the link to this thread to the YT recording once its a standalone video. 

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