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Aloha gang,

I had the pleasure of filming a 1min video ad for a local clear bottom kayak company last week, thought I'd share.  The entire shoot took less than 3hrs, including gear setup, waiting on models, signing releases, briefing cast & crew, all the way to packing up and heading to breakfast with friends afterward.  I already had a relatively constructed timeline for the video mapped out before we showed up, but as you know, there's always some extra footy to grab in the moment, or a quick new concept to fold into the mix.

Since this company is all about the see-through kayak experience, I tried to capitalize on that aspect, as well as the idea that it's an experience, not just a neat boat.  

The camera lineup for this shoot was as follows:

Sony a7r3 + G-Master 16-35 - gimbal mount
Sony a73 + G-Master 24-70 - tripod mount
GoPro Hero5 Black on a floaty handle
Mavic 2 Zoom

The M2Z came in so handy for the closing shot.  Since we cannot fly directly over the cast, as they aren't part of the flight crew, I hovered the drone just behind the paddler, zooming to 48mm focal length, to give the feel of being directly over the clear front section of the boat.  Then, began lifting off, while zooming out to 24mm, and panning up for the finish.  That'll all make sense when you watch the vid.

This is the proof cut, so there will be some intro/outro titling to be done, but I wanted to share before it's cluttered up with that stuff.  Best viewed in 4k, sound on.  

Enjoy and Mahalo for viewing!


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Hi @JBR LIFE Photography,

I always look forward to seeing what you post in the forum, you do a great job! This video was very well done and I like how you showed the entire experience through various camera angles. I thought the cuts and overall workflow of the video was very well done. Nice Job! 


 - Chase 

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You know I always comment on the weird things...

Trouble with many of the commercial UAV operators is most would tell you they know how to produce something like this without ever actually have done it.  They seem to think it’s just about taking video from a drone, kind of like everyone with an iPhone is a photographer.  

So this comment is for them...  It takes an amazing amount of discipline, confidence, and experience to produce something like this in such a short amount of time.  You need the experience to plan the shot list and know that it will work, the organizational skills to pull it together in such a short amount of time, and the confidence to shoot exactly what you need.  Great job. 

A couple of comments: The music, the flow, how short and pithy it is, all great. The one downside is that, I’m guessing because of the timing I didn’t get as much of a wow factor from being in a glass-bottom boat.  Not much of a sense of the benifit of it.  

That’s not to say that there aren’t a lot of great shots, once again you’ve provided shallow people everywhere more reasons to hate your life, but I just think there’s something missing.  You’ve packed so much great stuff into such a short video that maybe the “money” shot gets lost in it.  

Having said that, I wouldn’t change a thing.  I’m just bitter and too selfish to let it go with an acknowledgement of the  “great job” and wish you another happy day in your crappy paradise.  

 Now, I’d better provide a disclaimer for my sarcasm, @JBR LIFE Photography Knows this is a joke and I do really admire his work.




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