Drone Agriculture Uses

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Hi Everyone, 

I am currently a Geographic Information Systems student that is very interested in breaking into the field of precision agriculture. I have a Bachelor's degree in Environmental studies and unfortunately did not discovery my interest in Geospatial technology until my senior semester of college. I do not have a heavy background in agriculture but have always been very interested in it and am intrigued by the field of precision agriculture and more specifically the potential that drones have of revolutionizing this industry. I would be even more interested in hearing about possible ways that Esri's ArcPro and ArcDesktop software might possibly be being used in unison with drone technology and more specifically farming, if there is even any example/s of that. I am signed up to take the certification course for my part 107 license at the end of this month. I would love to hear from anyone in this forum who is using drones for agriculture applications and more specifically want to be made fully aware of the specific steps and logistics in breaking into this specific job area. I know that it is a fledgling industry but the indications seem to be that it will be big business in the future. What does it take to get it on the fun? I would be very interested if there is a route in that did not include having to spend massive amounts of time and money getting an agronomy related degree.

Another crucial step is I need to find a good beginning drone to purchase just to get some experience in flying these things which, at this point, I have no experience with and have not even laid eyes on a drone in person. 

Thanks ahead for any advice, 


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