Hello from Accra, Ghana

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Hi Everyone,

I am Stephen Kanor from Ghana. I come from the solar PV industry and intend to introduce drones into our business at some point. I hope to learn from all of you what the best practices are in terms of inspections and thermal imaging. For example, is the low cost thermal sensors on the DJI Enterprise Dual / Anafi Thermal adequate for hotspot inspections on solar panels? What are the best low cost thermal drones out there?

Also, a friend who already flies drones as part of his freelance video and photography work and I intend to get into a broader drone-focused business in the near future...surveying, mapping, 3D modelling, etc. 

I am here to learn from those of you who may have gone ahead on this journey. 

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Hi @stkanor,

Welcome to the UAV Coach Forum! Solar inspections/ thermal inspections are increasingly becoming a popular drone application. I think the Mavic Dual Enterprise is a great drone for this application based on what I have seen. The software does allow hot spots to be located and displayed. A specific location can also be chosen on the screen and it will display the temp of that specific area. The nice thing with this platform is you get a 4K camera and a thermal sensor, which greatly increases the opportunities with this drone. 

If you would like to learn more about GIS/Mapping, feel free to check out this thread:

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