What tools/resources do you currently use to pre-plan and log flights?

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Hi Scott, 

thank you for the quick response! 

I fly with a Yuneec Typhoon Q500 as a recreational pilot. I'm thinking about tools for pre-planning and then logging my flight paths afterwards in particular as I'm working on some software that pulls in all airspace classes, restrictions, roads, vessels, congested areas - and everything else that pilots should be wary of - to would allow easy map-based visualisation etc. 

It would be really neat to find out what people are using for this at present, what features are lacking or even if they are not using anything and hearing why not etc.


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For pre-flight I always check B4UFLY which is the FAA's app for checking proximity to controlled airspace.  Honestly, I think it has improved somewhat.  It now includes a controlled local airport which it had previously ignored and it seems no longer to issue warnings if you're within 5 miles of only uncontrolled airfields.  I also check the Hover app which serves the same function but is a lot easier to use.  I don't use Hover to store flight plans, however.  I've read that they share that data.  I keep a flight log on my tablet. I use DJI Go & have used Drone Deploy, but had some serious problems with it, though I'm looking forward to trying it again if the damned weather ever clears up.

Some kind of pre-flight check for controlled airspace is essential, and I think it ought to be built in to DJI Go or whatever native app you're using with the Typhoon.  Geo fencing isn't good enough.  Some people are using aeronautical charts which are available online, and that's fine.  Use whatever you're comfortable with, but use it.

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