Battery Expansion In Hot Climates?


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I was talking to a pilot the other day who had a crash where he was flying in Arizona, it was 96 out (stated ambient operating temp of the Phantom 4 Pro is 104).  And the Lipo expanded and ejected.  He thinks it must have been due to the temps.  

Seems like not all LiPo batteries, even from the same manufacturer are identical so maybe it was a faulty battery? 

Has anyone else run into this. I'm scared now to fly my drone in anything like above 90 degrees F.  I know you aren't supposed to store lipos in the fridge as you can get condensation inside but I'm wondering if anyone else that flies in hot climates briefly chills there batteries in a cooler or something while on site or has other practices specific to the hot climate such as allowing a cool down period for the drone between battery changes?


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