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I don't think that is what the story said. The FAA used to require colleges to get a 333 exemption to operate a UAS curriculum, now the colleges will not need one to teach UAS technology.

" In the very near future, students and universities will be able to fly for research or education without a 333 exemption — meaning they won't need a pilot's license and won't spend up to six months waiting for permission before getting into the air."

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13 hours ago, Silk Purse said:

Read the next sentence." And Huerta said the FAA is planning to extend that looser set of rules to the general population by late spring of this year." Late spring is, by definition, June.

I'm all for loosening the stranglehold the FAA has on the business, just don't trust all these happy news from them until I see the rules in black and white. I've had my 333 since last year but I would not recommend anyone wanting to go into business to wait and not apply based on a press release from Huerta, since the 333 process takes so long.

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On the education part the FAA announced their interpretation of the regulations as they pertain to public high schools, and universities. Educational purposes have been deemed non commercial "recreational" when incidental to a class, so that students do not need a 333 or COA to learn to fly or to utilize in courses other than aviation (like art, or film/TV class). If it is an aviation class the teacher may be a second person who is allowed to step in for instruction/ intervention (i can take over the controls prior to the student smashing into that bus), but is not allowed to fly for research or have the students fly for research with out the 333 and COA.

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3 hours ago, Scott Grimm said:

I knew part 107 was gonna make it to where you won't need a pilots license but I never heard anything about part 107 making it to where you won't need a 333 exemption. 

Part 107 will make it so 80% of the folks going through the Section 333 Exemption process will no longer need to have an Exemption. The FAA is replacing the bulk of low-risk flight operations with a new drone certification process...companies that want to fly at night, or in higher-risk environments, will still need to petition through the FAA.

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34 minutes ago, Uaviator53 said:

not yet, but I think having ground school under your belt will set you ahead of the learning curve.

Agreed! There will likely be some sUAS-specific knowledge needed, but as far as weather / micrometeorology, airspace, decision-making, etc. your training sets you well ahead of the curve.

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