Can drone cameras zoom in?

Scott Grimm

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@Scott Grimm It would really depend on the rig you are using, @Uaviator53 is right in that most of the consumer products do not have variable zoom, though on higher end Matrix rigs or customs builds it is possible, it may even be possible with the gopro and 3DR solo (not sure if some go pros have zoom, but 3DR worked to have full control available while mid flight). In terms of moving the camera yes most of the ones meant for video and photography will have a 2D or 3D motorized gimbal that functions to both stabilize the shot, as well as to provide the ability to move the cameras direction mid flight. Depending on if it is a 2D or 3D you may have control over the camera freely, or control over just the pitch (on the phantom 3 std to turn the camera left or right you yaw the whole UAV left or right). You don't tend to roll the camera while filming, but usually there is a setting to be able to ensure you are getting level shots in flight.

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