Matthew Moody

Restricted Airspace Permission

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Intro & background: I've been researching my up and coming first job here with my part 107. It is a military contract with the local authority.

Location of Flight: Within R-2905B airspace just south (outside) of PAM Class D. (I am not authorized to give exact long/lat)

Question: PAM (Tyndall AFB) is not yet on LAANC, and FAA Drone Zone doesn't include restricted airspace.
The chart supplements advise contacting APP (approach) at the frequency listed.
Is this that scenario where I am going to be forced into having 2-way comms with PAM APP?
Trying to avoid that $300 expenditure before my very first contract. 

Thanks guys. 

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A local authority wants you to video restricted airspace? 

The local authority prohibits you from revealing details?


ты паршивый шпион 
(you are a lousy spy)

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