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   Drones are the future of the latest and most controversial topics that has risen over the past five to ten years is whether or not drones should be used as a means of war, surveillance, and delivery systems. Common misconceptions usually lead to people’s opposition to the use of drones; which is the reason it is important for people to know the facts about how and why they are used. It is without a doubt, they’re more pros than cons when  discussing Unmanned Aircraft Systems. 

    My name is Jalynn. I am 28 years old, I’m from Louisiana residing in the Capital City. Im currently enrolled for business management, while maintaining a 3.37 GPA, I’m only three credits away from graduation. I will continue the pursuit of my Pilot career with drones. I’ve attended the Aviation Institute of Maintenance, Drone Command Live, and Drone Academy online and received awards from each. The Conference will go into the depth I’m looking for besides my own research I continue to do. As a woman in the industry I must work ten times as hard and well to make an impression. I intend to engrave my name deep into the surface. I bought myself a DJI Mavic 2 Zoom for a birthday gift, which was love at first flight. I enlighten everyone I encounter on the benefits of using drones. 

    I am a person who never gives up on my dreams and never lose myself no matter how many obstacles I get in my life. When you struggle in every point of your life aiming at your goal that makes you a winner. A win is not an end. A Win is a start something beautiful, which is why I’d love this opportunistic experience to attend the InterDrone Conference. If I had sufficient funds I’d have a pass already, and my bags packed filled with excitement and anxiousness. I came across this thread three hours ago while driving. I couldn’t wait to arrive to my destination so I could complete and submit my chance. I appreciate the UAV Coach Isabella and everyone else for this giveaway for an equal opportunity to win. 


-Jalynn Moffett 


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Being a woman had to be mentioned. Incase UAV choosing a man and a woman.
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