New business in Libya

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Hi! Unfortunately, business is not only suppliers, it's a huge work and half of it is related to connecting with people. You won't be successful without good promoting campain, without feedback, you simply won't be seen. After finding a supplier, consider getting a social media account (not your own site, not yet), on Facebook or Instagram, there are a lot of people selling stuff here. It's easy to use and your customers will find you using hashtags. Uploads some photos and info and keep maintaining your account. There is a lot of social media analytics tools that can help keep a business under a radar and make the process easier. You can simply google it, but here's a list with some nice ones . I wish I could help you with suppliers, but a piece of any advice is nice :)

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I can supply you industrial drones. 

Our drones are mini helicopters use regular gasoline as fuel, 30L tank. Can stay in air for up to 6 hours. 

Max travel 240 km.  110km/hour. Can carry up to 100kg, for 2 hours.

Approximately 100k USD per drone with an operation system.

Tariffs on EU products would raise the price a little bit. 

My email address is

Honestly, I am currently looking for sale agents.



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