Should I buy a drone?

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If this question has been asked/discussed, please point me to the thread.

I live in Virginia and I used to fly R/C helicopter years ago. This hobby had came to a complete stop after traveling for 2 hrs each way to fly the bird.

With the drones getting more advanced every year, I'm thinking to buy a drone. My intent with the drone is for recreation purposes (i.e. taking picture/video of myself and/or family and friends).

However, with more regulations and restrictions in VA and/or elsewhere, I fear that the drone would also be an expensive investment where I can only fly it at the same place every time. Otherwise, it will be tucked in the bag until I travel to unregulated locations.

Please let me know if I misunderstand the reality and/or any advice is welcomed.

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Hi there @DroneWizard, thanks for posting and welcome to our forum.

Yes, there are regulations, but for recreational pilots they are relatively straightforward, and I would hope that you wouldn't have too much trouble learning where you can fly.

Not sure how close you are to Virginia Beach, but here are a few places we scouted out that are good areas to fly:

Happy to answer any specific questions you have about U.S. drone regulations!

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