Drone Deploy: adjust settings the gear symbol is not on app

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I have a problem with Drone Deploy App. First, let me say that I am using the Phantom 3 Advanced drone and my mobile device is an Android phone: (Samsung Note 5).  I am current with the latest firmware v1.8.80. and I have the DJI app closed.

Problem: I have planned a flight on my Desktop with an altitude of 140 feet and when I sync the plan and open it with my mobile device I notice that the flight altitude is set to 268 feet and not the 140 altitude that I set on my desktop.  When I go to click on the gear symbol (cog) in the lower left corner of the app to adjust altitude the gear symbol is not there, only the battery indicator? How do I access the gear symbol to make adjustments? Have you had anyone else with this problem?  I did email Drone Deploy about the problem, still waiting to here back. 

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I tried a uninstall/reinstall of the Drone Deploy version 1.4.7  when I reinstalled I got a popup message from saying: "The Drone Deploy Beta requires a special official DJI Beta Firmware for Inspire and Phantom 3. You must use firmware referenced in our forum to fly." (I could not find this in the forum, it just says download latest firmware which I have).

Now I have DJI latest firmware for the Phantom 3 Advanced v1.8.80 released on 04/07/2016.  So is the above DJI Beta Firmware something that I have to download in addition to the v1.4.7 for the Drone Deploy app to work properly???



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