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40x zoom lens with double shock absorber gimbal system 4K Camera Thyea Z40

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40x zoom lens, plus high precision gimbal stabilizer with special double shock-absorber mechanic system, your drone cruising in the air can easily spot a target about 1km away, and capture the clear detailed picture of it. This camera kit absolutely can be recruited by law enforcement. 


There're some more specs: 

Size: 190.97×166.83×130mm

Weight: 850g

Video Format: H264 MP4, 4K

Photo Format: JPEG

Lens: 20x optical zoom (20x Optical and 2x digital), F1.8~F3.6

External Storage: SD(512M-2GB); SDHC(4GB-32GB); SDXC(48GB-128GB)

Gimbal control range: Pitch:-100°~45°;  Yaw:-170°~170°

Tolerance while hold: ±0.01°

Tolerance while cruising: ±0.05°


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Hi buddy, pls tell me for which camera you want to find the gimbal, this is very important to know as there are many different models of gimbals as well as many different cameras. especially since you have a certain budget I take it you don't want to overstep. in that case I would advise you to read this article about gimbals, and everything connected with them, this will greatly help you in choosing and pretty much improve your knowledge about it and most importantly will help not to be mistaken.

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