LAANC requests - hitting a wall...

Matt Newby

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So, I passed my Part 107 exam and got my temporary license, with PENDING for the Certificate No.  I'm trying to apply for a LAANC authorization using AirMap and KittyHawk and am running into a wall -- neither of the apps are allowing me to make the request.  I created a flight mission in AirMap, but it's saying it's in Class D airspace and no authorization is present.  But I don't see any capability to actually request authorization (the grid has a 100' ceiling, so I should be able to request one here).  I was hoping to get some aerial shots of our church softball league's playoff game tonight, but if I can't get the LAANC request pushed through, I'm kinda grounded...

I think I'm missing something.  I was wondering if it's because my drone is registered for hobby use at the moment.  Do I need to de-register it, the re-register under Part 107 on the FAADroneZone site first?  Can the registration transfer between Hobby and Part 107, or do I have to actually re-register it, even though I'm only a year into my 3-year registration period?  Or is there some other configuration thing I've got to do in AirMap and KittyHawk to enable the LAANC requests to go through?

Does anyone have a guide/cheat sheet for the rest of the administrative steps I need to take to transition from hobby flyer to Part 107 certified?



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On 8/5/2019 at 5:03 PM, Matt Newby said:

Quick follow up.  After discussion with Mike McGuirt (who's a pretty OK dude, btw), we've discovered that while the airport has LAANC grid and altitudes shown in AirMap and KittyHawk, it is not yet set up for LAANC authorizations, hence the lack of dialog boxes.


That request should be made through 

Response times vary but my last took 5 business days.

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