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Hello fellow drone pilots,

    I'm still waiting for my exemption ( and I don't expect it to come until July possibly) but I checked the status and found this.  The withdrawn and posted to another dockett worries me.  Can someone tell me if this is o.k?  I've seen several others posted and moved as well.  What's going on with the organizationof the FAA!???



Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 11.50.19 AM.png

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Hey @mconcialdi,

i had the same thing happen to me, this should be alright it actually is a confirmation that they have both received your 333 request, and moved it to its own docket number.  When you originally posted it, it was posted as a comment on another docket number. Its kind of a weird way to do things but its the way regulations.gov works. You should be able to see your new docket number for your 333 request by doing a quick search of your name in quotes on regulations.gov. This will most likely bring up 2 dockets now... the first which has been moved (that's the one you are seeing now) and a second new one that is a separate docket with its own docket number just for your request. Don't fret if it doesn't show up right away as this is the federal government and things take a little time, i sent mine in February and it wasn't moved and posted until March. Another thing to note if nothing shows up there is a check box on the left for "OTHER" make sure that is check as this is where they will reside.

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