Drones Reduce the Use of Chemical Pesticides

Isabella | UAV Coach

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Agricultural growers are striving to find alternatives to crop management that will allow them to protect their plants without harming the people who will eventually eat them. Chemical pesticides can be toxic for both people and the environment, so companies are taking action with the help of drones.

One company to do so recently is UAV-IQ, a veteran-owned agriculture technology company specializing in developing drone applications for farm management. UAV-IQ has developed a new form of pest management that uses drones to release beneficial insects over crops.

Learn more about UAV-IQ's work in our article, How Drones Are Reducing the Use of Chemical Pesticides, and share your thoughts in the comments below. 


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Interesting PBS Newshour report on the worlds declining bee population, its affect on food production and the technologies that may help including the use of drones.


The drone company that was mentioned


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Precision agriculture is important to increasing the yield of food and UAVs will have an important role in the effectiveness of precision ag.  This was an interesting more natural way to control evasive insects without using pesticides.  I’m not a farmer so I have no idea about its effectiveness but it’s a great use of a drone..  

Many pesticides are dangerous to humans, the idea that a drone can be used in-this application is questionable.   Not that it lacks the capability but I would think that applying pesticides from the air must be highly regulated.  

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