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Hello,  I am having a problem using Kittyhawk's app,  I have been flying drones for about 3 years and have my hobbyist registration number since they became required.  I have watched the video on using Laanc but when I try to get authorization the app asks for my part 107 number.  Since I am a recreational flyer I do not have a part 107 number.  Therefore  I cannot receive authorization.  I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled it but have the same problem.  I have also searched for upgrades but found none.  What is the problem I would like to comply with the rules but am unable to do so.  Thanks in advance for your help; Bill DeRosa   

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When you click to gain authorization, are you receiving the pop-up which asks, "What type of LAANC do you want to request?" There you should be offered the choice of Part 107 Commercial or Recreational. 

If you are not getting this choice, I suppose your app might not be updated yet. You should have Version: 5.4.2 Build 77.  At least that's my version and build number on Android. Of course, you also must be logged into your account.

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