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Robert Monfort

Hey, new here. A bit different

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I am a GED teacher. Our students came across an article on drones as ranch hands in New Zealand. Later 2 students came to me saying that they were in fact going to get their drone "license."  These students are awesome,are great, but they learn different. Regular school didn't work. So I checked out the FAA-107 license process . I thought hmm, seems legit. I had them research the job market for drone operators, the pay, so on and so forth.  They did all of it, made a presentation to the class, their personal plan. Well, that all lead me here to learn about the process. I want to learn as well, earn my certification. I have come to find out that our community college is going to be certified to give the part A test, in the near future. What I cannot find near us is the flight part or part b, near us. We live in Elizabeth City, NC. So if there are any of you who are near-by, please let me know.

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A couple of things, unless things have changed there is no skills/practical test or part B as you call it.  Kind of odd huh...

I think teaching STEM as an alternative to “regular” education is a great thing to do.  I’m curious what information your students gathered for their research and the methodology they used to gather it.  

Drones as an industry is not well defined and there’s a lot of hype on the internet so if you want your students to have a quality experience your probably going to have to filter the information they gather and put it in Context of a career path.  They shouldn’t believe the raw data being spewed online.  

Not coarse that just my online opinion so take it for what it’s worth. 

Good luck and have fun.


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