LG LTE Action Camera to compete with GoPro

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Just came across this article this morning, Apparently LG is entering the action camera market with a 4k Live-stream camera with a 4g LTE transmitter built right in. could lead to some cool live-stream options with drones like the 3DR Solo and custom rigs. No word on price point but competition for GoPro should mean some interesting developments.



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Internal 4G LTE seems like a no brainer that those of us in the DJI universe have come to rely on.  GoPro is in serious trouble.  Their stock price has tumbled, they've reduced their product line and have delayed the introduction of their drone until the end of this year.  They won huge acceptance because they were first, but the bloom is off that rose.  Sales have stopped growing and now they're facing increased competition from LG and others.  It seems to me that companies like 3DR, which has been wedded to GoPro, could also have some problems.  It will be interesting to see if they offer a non-GoPro camera option. 

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