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How to search and rescue efficiently after the typhoon? The Thyea T2 thermal imaging camera performs search and rescue operations efficiently and safely.

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Recently, the eastern part of China has been affected by the super typhoon. At present, dozens of people have died and disappeared. Therefore, after the typhoon, the search and rescue work needs to be started immediately. The traditional search and rescue method is inefficient, but the drone is equipped with relevant search and rescue equipment. Rescuers gather information in inaccessible places, such as collapsed buildings and nearby dangerous areas, to flexibly detect disasters. At the same time, the drone can also be equipped with infrared detection equipment and thermal sensing equipment to quickly scan and locate the location and information of missing persons.

MMCUAV's Thyea T2 is a high-precision three-axis gyro-stabilized universal joint with a UAV payload standard connector and an intelligent high-precision thermal imaging camera. Breaking through the limitations of light and space, capturing clear and accurate thermal images anytime, anywhere. The Thyea T2 thermal imaging camera offers new dimensions for your vision, enabling you to quickly search large areas or close up to detect hard to climb device. Work becomes more efficient, simple and secure.

At the same time, the drone can also carry out remote sensing mapping, power repair, signal relay, throwing rescue and other aspects of work, to help rescue, post-disaster reconstruction.



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