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Yes. I'm a Newb and I'm waiting for my drone's arrival. I am retired and at my age I only see recreational use in my future. I have tried to study all the current changes, but I must admit that it is becoming a bit of a blur. I have been daily using a DJI Ryze Tello with controller to work on my basic skills prior to my Mavic 2 Zoom arriving. I'm also one of those that tends to suffer from  analysis paralysis, but at the price of these drones, I just don't want to damage mine right after I get it. I'm sure I'll master it eventually.  I look forward to garnering a wealth of information from everyone here and perhaps I'll be able to offer a tidbit or two myself. 


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Eaglebeak, your going to have a ball. I've been flying my M2Z for about 5 months now and you could not ask for a better airframe at this price point. Take it slow and read, read, read the manual. As long as you take it slow this bird almost flies itself. Think of a flying tripod for your camera. I'm close to retirement myself, and learning new and exciting things keeps our minds young.

Fly well, and be safe. 

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